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Court Places Registered Sex Offender Despite Dodge County Sheriff's Opposition

 A registered sex offender’s placement was approved by the Dodge County Circuit Court even though the Dodge County Sheriff opposed the placement.

Sheriff Schmidt responded to the Department of Corrections in an email saying “I am strongly opposed to placement at this location for a number of reasons. I strongly oppose this being approved as it is not a suitable location for housing these subjects.”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Robert Larson Jr was approved to live on Neuberger Road in Reeseville which lies within the Town of Lowell.

Robert Larson Jr was one of two individuals that were placed in the Brownsville area in 2015 and were subsequently removed by the courts after additional information was discovered by the Sheriff’s Office that this placement was inappropriate. 

Sheriff Dale Schmidt ordered an investigation into this residence and it was found that there were a number of homes that fall between 1500 and 2000 feet from the Neuberger Rd address.  There are currently 14 children who live in those homes, 8 additional children who visit those homes regularly, and one of those homes holds school for 13 additional children during school hours Monday through Friday.  In summer months, it was learned that one of these homes also acts as a summer day care type home.

Wisconsin law states that placement of these individuals within 1500 feet of residents with children is illegal.  It is silent on placement outside of 1500 feet which is the case here.  As a result, the court conditionally approved the plan, pending some additional reports from DHS. 

The Sheriff’s Office said they completely understand that the residents will be upset, but they are asking for civility and self-restraint.  

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