Court docs: Man accused in Milwaukee immigration attorney's death arrested in Kentucky

Court docs: Man accused in Milwaukee immigration attorney’s death arrested in Kentucky

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A break in a high profile homicide, a man Milwaukee police have been looking for for months, for killing a prominent immigration attorney, is now behind bars.

For five long months, nightmares have plagued the wife of Jason Cleereman.

She says she couldn't sleep, experienced panic attacks and prayed over and over for the phone call she finally got this week.

"I didn't know how muc longer I had to wait," said Evanjelina Cleereman. "It was driving me crazy."

The arrest of Theodore Edgecomb marks the next chapter for Evanjelina Cleereman, a witness to the horrendous road rage shooting that took her husband's life last September.

"It doesn't bring back the father of my children. It doesn't bring back my life partner. I miss him so much."

On Thursday, March 4, Kentucky state police stopped Edgecomb three hours outside Louisville on an OWI.

He was allegedly speeding, had pot in his car and refused to give police his real name.

"The Milwaukee Police Department is thankful that he was arrested and this will bring closure to his family that is still grieving his loss," said Sergeant Efrain Cornejo.

Edgecomb took off after allegedly shooting Cleereman at point-blank range.

Surveillance caught the bicyclist just before witnesses saw him weaving in and out of parked cars.

Cleereman said something, got punched through his open window, and when he got out to talk to the bicyclist, was shot.

“These road rage incidents are just so unnecessary. It just breaks, it breaks my heart,” said Alderwoman JoCasta Zamarripa.

Cleereman, a well-known attorney, left behind a legacy, especially in the Latino community. He spent the last decade helping families with immigration issues.

“And I was horrified, like so many of us, and heartbroken to hear of his passing when he was killed, “ said Alderwoman Zamarripa.

Cleereman was an instrumental part of the Southside Organizing Center and the Walker Square Farmers' Market, which remain like family.

“I’m so grateful for all of your love, all of your prayers because they’ve been answered finally, and your support,” said Evanjelina.

Milwaukee police are not yet sure when Edgecomb may be extradited back to Wisconsin.

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