Correctional Officer saves choking inmate at Milwaukee County Jail

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Correctional Officer is being credited with saving an inmate's life who choked on Tuesday afternoon.

During lunch, an inmate began to choke. Another inmate attempted to assist before a Correctional Officer ran over and without hesitation, performed the Heimlich maneuver. After three thrusts, the food was dislodged from the inmate's throat and the inmate was cleared by medical staff. 

The inmate said she was not able to breathe during the incident and thanked the officer. Other inmates spontaneously applauded after the Correctional Officer successfully performed the Heimlich maneuver.

Compassion and a quick reaction by a professional correction’s officer helped save the life of an inmate. The officer’s training, and her heart to help people motivated her to take the appropriate action. This life-saving effort is another example of our correctional officers’ commitment to treating everyone with respect and to provide the best care possible," Sheriff Schmidt said. 

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