Congresswoman Gwen Moore Asking for Federal Probe into the Milwaukee County Jail

Sheriff David Clarke tells CBS 58 News that Congresswoman Gwen Moore is every criminals' friend.

It was his response after she made public a letter to the U.S. Attorney General asking for an investigation into the Milwaukee County Jail.

In her letter to the Department of Justice, Moore lists four deaths, including a infant born in a cell. She accused Milwaukee County of "failing its constitutional obligations to our inmates."

She told CBS 58 News in a phone interview Thursday that the sheriff's comments on the deaths has been lacking.

"None of us should be stunned at this point that there are four deaths in six months given his  flamboyant, arrogant and non-empathetic response to that,' said Moore. "Some of the families have said he has not even reached out to them, to say I'm sorry for your loss."

Sheriff Clarke issued the following statement:

"Gwen Moore, criminals' best friend, should focus on reducing the $21 trillion debt the country is facing, replacing Obamacare, reducing taxes, closing the border and helping President Trump jump start the economy to provide jobs."

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