Complaint: Intoxicated woman leads officers on pursuit after leaving parent-teacher conference

Complaint: Intoxicated woman leads officers on pursuit after leaving parent-teacher conference

RACINE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Racine county mother is facing charges after allegedly attending a parent-teacher conference while intoxicated, driving off with her kids, and leading police on a chase.

31-year-old Brittney Raboine of Union Grove is charged with disorderly conduct, attempting to flee or elude an officer, and obstructing an officer.

According to a criminal complaint, law enforcement responded to a report of a intoxicated parent trying to leave Union Grove Elementary School with her children on Oct. 30.

A deputy attempted to pull over the parent's vehicle, but the driver, later identified as Raboine, made no effort to slow down or pull over. Raboine eventually pulled into a driveway, got out of the car and ran toward the back of a residence, according to the complaint, before attempting to slam the door on the deputy. 

Raboine was ultimately arrested for operating while intoxicated.

Investigators spoke with the school principal, who told them Raboine had been at the school for parent-teacher conferences.

Staff noticed the woman "walking goofy," and a teacher was able to smell alcohol on her breath as she spoke. The principal said when he told Raboine he was going to call 911, Raboine ran from the building, got in her car and drove away. 

"It's an issue. Especially with a lot of kids walking around here at that time, and the traffic," said parent Gerardo Gonzales.

"What you do in your personal life -- drinking, you do that when your kids are asleep or something, or when you don't have your children," said Union Grove parent Rebecca Smith. "You don't go to your child's school drunk and pick your kids up drunk, and then flee police drunk."

According to court documents, Raboine was also arrested for operating while intoxicated a week prior, on Oct. 16. School staff reportedly called the mother because she had not picked up her children from school. Raboine called the school from the parking lot asking that the children be sent outside, but was slurring her words. She was told she had to enter the building to collect her children, but was seen stumbling while walking, leading staff to contact law enforcement. 

Parents say they worry for her children.

"They look up to us, and it's just like a domino effect," Union Grove parent Loraina Aguinaga said. "Kids learn from the actions of their parents."

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