Community Meeting Held To Discuss Lead Service Line Proposal

MILWAUKEE - If you live in Milwaukee and your water service line breaks or leaks and needs to be replaced, you may not have to pay the entire cost. That's according to a proposal and a meeting was held this weekend to discuss.

Right now, if the part of the line on your property ruptures or needs to go, you would pay the entire and sometimes hefty cost. If this proposal goes through, the city would pay the majority of it plus their part of the bill. The goal is to get rid of those old lead lines that were installed more than 50 years ago.

 "Cost is the main issue. How is it going to be funded? We know we have to replace the pipes, that is a known, that's what we have to do. so how are we gonna fund it?" asked Alderman Russel Stamper of the 15th District.

Milwaukee uses a special treatment to prevent lead pipes from dissolving into the water that residents drink. However, research shows that the most effective solution is to replace those lead service lines with copper.

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