'Common ground' leaders meet Sunday to tackle issues in Milwaukee

NOW: ’Common ground’ leaders meet Sunday to tackle issues in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The City of Milwaukee has been plagued this year with a rise in homicides and reckless driving incidents.

In an effort to tackle those issues, more than 500 “Common Ground” leaders set up a new agenda during a Zoom meeting Sunday, Oct. 17.

Organizer's say one of the group's main focuses is addressing the issue of unsecured guns by having the City of Milwaukee join the National Gun Safety Consortium.

The group also reportedly wants local officials to promote the development and distribution of gun safety products that gun owners will actually use.

Reports show that stolen guns are often used in crime and can be accessed by children or used in suicides.

"We are faced with violence unlike anything we’ve ever seen in this community," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. "Last year, we had a record number of homicides after four-consecutive years of declining homicides. Tragically, the rate of this year is running ahead of last year and guns are a major part of this."

Common Ground also announced Sunday that they’ll be researching the problem of reckless driving and will look for creative solutions to implement.

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