Common Council president reacts to FPC decision to halt chief selection process

NOW: Common Council president reacts to FPC decision to halt chief selection process

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Fire and Police Commission put the process for the next chief on hold Thursday, Jan. 7. 

Chairman Nelson Soler said they could not continue until a formal opinion was issued by the city attorney or the legal issues with former chief Alfonso Morales are resolved. 

“This board cannot continue to rely on verbal advice behind closed doors, as in politics people’s memories are short and loyalties are situational,” Soler said at the Fire & Police Commission meeting Thursday. 

“There seem to be conflicting stories about the advice that was given to them by the city attorney’s office,” said Common Council President Cavalier Johnson. 

Johnson asked the FPC to halt the process earlier this week. He’s also asked the city’s inspector general to look into how the decision to demote from chief to captain was made and what advice the FPC received from the city attorney’s office. 

“I’m in a position right now, and I think members of the council as well, we want to know the truth,” said Johnson. 

“There seems to be some strained communication between some relevant players in the business of the Fire and Police Commission, and that is between the city attorney and the commission,” said attorney Frank Gimbel, who is representing Morales. 

“We have on our side, the fact that Judge Foley has found that they acted illegally in the demotion of Chief Morales,” said Gimbel. 

CBS 58 reached out to the city attorney’s office Friday but has not yet heard back. 

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