'Collaborative spirit:' Concordia University, volunteers making masks with 3D printers for healthcare workers

NOW: ’Collaborative spirit:’ Concordia University, volunteers making masks with 3D printers for healthcare workers

MEQUON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Volunteers are now helping Concordia University in its effort to donate masks created by 3D printers to local hospitals.

Around a month ago, the university started printing the masks and asked others in the community who also had 3D printers to do the same. On Thursday, April 23, more than 120 masks were dropped off by volunteers.

"It's just the right thing to do," Our Redeemer Lutheran School STEM and Science teacher David Williamson said. "To help your neighbor, help your brother, help your sister, so that’s really it’s just weighed on my heart, it’s a no brainer, just do it."

It's part of the Concordia Community Mask Project. The university worked with local hospitals to design masks they and others can use as supplies remains low during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I think this is really showing the collaborative spirit of just people," Concordia University Chair of Computer Science Dr. Mike Litman said. "This whole thing has brought us together into a common cause that we can all try to fight for."

The school shared its mask design so anyone with a 3D printer can participate.

"It means everything because we can only do so much ourselves," Litman said.

After the masks are printed and dropped off at Concordia, volunteers are helping assemble them before they are donated. The university is also creating a silicon mold that inserts into the mask to seal it to the face.

So far, Litman said a few hundred masks have been given to the local hospitals and more are being printed around the clock. Litman said they plan to continue making masks until they run out of supplies.

More information on how to help by donating or volunteering can be found on Concordia's website.

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