Cold weather health alert issued

 MILWAUKEE - Because of the dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills in the forecast the Health Department has issued a cold weather health alert. Officials say the extreme cold temperatures can lead to serious health hazards, like frost bite and life threatening hypothermia. Health officials recommend limiting time outdoors during bitter cold spells. If you have to go out tell someone where you're going and when you're expected to return. They say always wear appropriate outdoor clothing and dress in layers. You're urged to keep as much skin covered as possible in extreme cold. They ask that you check on family members, friends and neighbors especially the elderly. Never heat your home with wood burning or coal burning grills, camp stoves or other outdoor devices. For your vehicle, officials recommend you have a survival kit that includes blankets, extra clothes and high energy foods. Keeping your vehicle's gas tank filled at least half way will help you avoid some problems. They also ask that you bring pets indoors and make trips outside brief.


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