Coach Chryst addresses Cephus' return

NOW: Coach Chryst addresses Cephus’ return

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Quintez Cephus has spent the last year suspended from the Badger football team and expelled from the university after he was accused of sexual assault. 

Now, he's back in school and back on the team following his acquittal earlier in August. 

Cephus practiced with his teammates for the first time in more than a year on Wednesday after he was reinstated to the university and officially rejoined the team on Monday. 

The past year has seen Cephus away from the football field and in a legal battle in court facing two counts of sexual assault. Cephus says he's looking forward to continuing his education and playing with the Badgers. 

Head Coach Paul Chryst talked about Cephus publicly for the first time since his return to the team. Chryst and his teammates say his return has been emotional. 

"Certainly, he's excited to be back with a group that means a lot to him.//Everyone has gone through a lot. Him certainly one of them. so he probably felt a lot of emotions," Coach Chryst said. 

"Guys are extremely excited that he's back, we've been supporting him throughout the entire deal that he was going through, and just to see his face, smiling, flying around the field, that's everything we wanted," said Badgers Running Back Jonathan Taylor. 

Cephus is still working through eligibility issues with the NCAA and there is no timeline for when he may be ready to play in a game. The Badgers play their first game of the year on August 30, at South Florida. 

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