Clocking Out: Event staff say goodbye to the Bradley Center

Clocking Out: Event staff say goodbye to the Bradley Center

Sunday night Bon Jovi returns to help close down the BMO Harris Bradley Center in the arena's final concert.

For 30 years, the Bradley Center has hosted some of the city's biggest moments and for every one of those moments, the arena staff was ready to host the fans.

Wendy Pace was at Bradley Center when it opened. 

"I've been here since it started. It's like a second home for me." Pace said.

Patricia Craigg (24 years) and Harriet Neutzel-Nelson (19 years) have put in plenty of time as well.

"I love it! I mean, I meet nice people." said Craigg.

"I love being customer service, I love greeting everybody and making sure that they have the best experience that they can have." said Neutzel-Nelson.

During games and shows, the staff is working, not watching, but when it really gets loud, they can feel it.

"NCAA, the Wisconsin game." remembered Pace or the 2006 Frozen Four. "That was so loud in here. That was wonderful."

"Even though we aren't allowed to really watch the game, we're in the house." Neutzel-Nelson said. "You can feel the vibrations and the cheering and everything."

For the people that have been here since the early days, they know how they'll feel when the fans leave for the last time.

"It's been a long time since I've been here." said Director of Event Services, Derrick McElwee. "It's been a job I've loved. It'll be sad when it's gone."

"It's kind of sad." said Skip Knack in security. "Because I remember Mrs. Pettit so well. I used to escort her up to her suite. What they did for Milwaukee and this state is unbelievable. It's amazing how many people come into this building and say why is it going away? It's still in good shape. And it really is in good shape in a lot of ways."

The future is still up in the air for all workers at the Bradley Center. They'll have to re-apply for the same jobs at the new Bucks arena.

This weekend isn't the official end of the Bradley Center. There are still a couple of smaller public events left; a high school dance contest and the Marquette commencement.

Plus, the Bucks are still Living on a Prayer in the NBA Playoffs.

This weekend on CBS 58 Sunday Morning with Mike Strehlow at 7 AM, more on the behind the scenes stories from the people that work the arena events.

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