Clean up begins at Erin Hills following US Open

NOW: Clean up begins at Erin Hills following US Open

The fans might be gone, but Erin Hills Golf Course is still extremely busy.

Hundreds of people are working to restore the golf course.

The course did got a lot of praise from the golfers during the US Open and course officials say they'll evaluate and see if there are things they can change along the course.

But right now, their focus is to get ready to reopen to the public on July 1st. And because it will take 6 weeks to fully restore to the course, golfers can experience this course like never before.

"It took over 2 months to set everything up but it also creates kind of a neat experience because for example, when we reopen the course July 1, people have the opportunity to play in front of grand stands, and how often do amateurs like us get to play golf in front of grand stands, granted the grandstands will be empty, but still it's pretty neat," saud John Morrissett/ Competitions and Marketing Director.

The course is taking reservations for tee-times.  You can contact them at 866-772-4769.

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