City workers and snow removal businesses gear up for weekend's winter storm

NOW: City workers and snow removal businesses gear up for weekend’s winter storm

MILWAUKEE (CBS58)--It was a lot of hustle and bustle at the northside sanitation yard Saturday afternoon, January 30. Trucks were getting their load of salt to salt the roads ahead of the storm. 

“We will be ready to address any mains, which is our mains thoroughfares, if the snow starts to track we will be ready to address those with salt as needed," Jeffrey Smith said. He is the sanitation north area manager.

He says plow blades will be mounted onto garbage trucks for additional resources.

“We do have the capabilities of calling them in right away upon moment’s notice," he said. 

City workers will also be working around the clock.

“We have a staff that’s coming in tonight as replacement, we will be in basically roll over rotation until the storm is over or until we feel we’ve gotten the streets to comfort level where everyone’s streets are passable and safe.”

While the city has been making rounds today, small business owners have been getting their trucks ready too.

“We’ve been waiting for this, we had a really slow start this year, it’s a little overwhelming but it will be okay.”

Janice Bohn owns Janice’s Maintenance Care Landscaping. She loaded her trucks with salt and shovels and parked them outside her home. 

‘It makes it more tricky if we wait until the last minute to go out so we go until the middle of the night," Bohn said.

She worked tirelessly during last big snowfall earlier this week

“Tough very tough, I didn’t have workers to come in, I didn’t have enough people to come in, I worked 35 hours no sleep.”

She is resting up now because she has a big night ahead of her.

“We start around midnight just to get half way done and just come back, we just keep going round and round until we are completely done.”

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