City of Monona Considers Legalizing Pot Possession

Monona, Wis. (Channel 3000) - Monona's Public Safety Commission is considering a proposal that would eliminate fines for possession of small amounts, 25 grams or less, of marijuana by adults in private places.

Possession of small amounts of marijuana by adults in public places would carry a fine of $1.

“I think the will of Public Safety and probably City Council will be to reduce or do away with the ordinance,” Monona Mayor Bob Miller said.

The Public Safety Commission is also considering making the fine $1 plus court costs or simply eliminating the $1 fine all together.

The $1 fine would be similar to policy changes instituted by Dane County and other local municipalities.

“The concern, as with alcohol and I’m sure with marijuana, will be one, we don’t want it in the hands of minors and also driving while impaired,” Miller said. “As it relates to narcotics the far and away biggest issue concerning Monona, as it is all cities across the country, is the prevalent use of heroin and the truly harmful effect of that."

The Public Safety Commission will work to submit recommendations on changes to the marijuana policy to the city council at the Feb. 24 meeting.

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