City of Milwaukee offers post-holiday recycling and “e-cycling” tips

The holiday season usually leads to lots of leftovers, gift boxes, wrapping paper, and of course, the tree. Disposing of it all can be overwhelming, but the City of Milwaukee is offering tips to help residents recycle unique holiday items.

Special items like greeting cards and wrapping paper can be recycled as long as it is free of ribbons, foil, and other non-paper items. Cardboard gift boxes and packaging can be flattened and recycled, or saved for other gift-giving opportunities. Gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons and bows are not recyclable, but can also be saved at home for re-use. 

Got a new TV or other new electronics this holiday season and need to \"e-cycle\" the old ones? Take them to a city Self-Help Center. Old electronics, including tablets, printers, and cell phones can also be dropped off at other E-Cycle Wisconsin locations. Visit and search for “E-Cycle” to find a location near you. Electronics cannot be tossed into the trash or recycling cart at home. The \"e-cycling\" process recovers valuable materials from old electronics and keeps hazardous pollutants out of the environment. 

Ready to take down the real Christmas tree? Take it to one of the city's Self-Help Centers to be composted or mulched. Be sure to remove all lights and decorations. Residents can also place the tree at their regular garbage collection site (alley or curb) for pick-up by DPW crews.

City residents can use the online collection schedule to look up their next garbage and recycling dates.

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