City leaders discuss violence prevention plan

NOW: City leaders discuss violence prevention plan

 MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A plan to reduce violence in Milwaukee was introduced and on Monday, city leaders getting into the details of the plan at a public safety hearing. 

The City's Health Commissioner and others involved in creating the Blueprint for Peace plan presented their goals to the Public Safety Committee. 

It turned into a discussion that came down to some basic questions from the committee like 'where is the money really going?' and 'is this really going to work?'

The 10-year peace plan has a goal of reducing homicides by 50%. Next year's budget includes $280,000 for violence interruption programs. 

Members of the committee questioned whether the Blueprint was too vague and whether or not there is enough information about programs that really work. 

The Health Commissioner said he is hoping for private partners to help find the plans involved in the blueprint. 

There will be neighborhood meeting about the plan as well. Police Chief Ed Flynn addressed the Committee about a recent BBC Documentary that painted a bleak picture of crime in the city. 

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