'Chuckled about it:' Waukesha firefighters help free 4-year-old stuck in cat tree

’Chuckled about it: ’ Waukesha firefighters help free 4-year-old stuck in cat tree

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) – A 4-year-old Waukesha boy is getting a lot of attention across the internet.

On Wedneday, November 18, Parker Olson got stuck in the family’s cat tree.

“I came in and took one look at him and I’m like, are you okay? And he’s screaming,” Parker’s mom Cynthia said. “Once I realized he’s just stuck and not actually hurt, then it was hard to control it, not to die laughing.”

Cynthia tried to lift Parker out, but couldn’t get him loose, so she called 911.

“Of course they’re like, what’s your emergency? I’m like, well, my son’s head is stuck and she’s like, ma’am, what is his head stuck in? I said, um, the cat tree,” Cynthia said in between laughs.

Once at the home, firefighters were able to safely lift Parker out.

“When they got him out, they held him up and the other fireman was tickling him,” she said.

For everyone, including Parker, it ended up being a fun day.

“He [Parker] was all excited to see us, which is good with the whole pandemic, it was a brighter call to go on,” Waukesha Firefighter Benjamin Carl said. “It put a smile on everyone’s face, we all chuckled about it afterwards.”

Cynthia said Parker wasn’t hurt.

“I’m just glad everyone gets a laugh out of our chaos,” she said.

After posting the photos online, they were shared more than 28,000 times.

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