'A Dog Named Hope:' Children's Hospital cancer patients receive plush dog, children's book

’A Dog Named Hope: ’ Children’s Hospital cancer patients receive plush dog, children’s book

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Young cancer patients at Children's Hospital now have a cuddly companion to go along with a book about a family's journey through childhood cancer. 

Last year, CBS 58 Sunday morning featured the author and illustrator behind the children's book "My Dog Named Hope."

All the proceeds go to pediatric cancer research, including the MACC Fund. 

On Wednesday, boxes of "Hope" plush dogs were delivered to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

"It's our way of giving these kids a hug, you know," said author Joe Dean. "The puppy comes with built-in hot/cold pack, and so particularly for kids who are going through chemotherapy, when they hug the dog, the doctors tell us that they get a little bit of relief from that along with some emotional support."

To order the book and plush toy, click here

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