Children at Penfield Children's Center receive generous donation of Christmas gifts

NOW: Children at Penfield Children’s Center receive generous donation of Christmas gifts


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A sleigh may work for Santa Claus but sometimes, Christmas presents show up in a shopping cart!

That's what happened at the Penfield Children's Center in Milwaukee.

Dozens of gifts were delivered and placed under a Christmas tree. They were donated by Horizon Retail Construction and they'll be a welcome sight for Penfield's kids, who may not get anything else on Christmas.

"The likelihood is very slim. Like I said most of our families do live at or below the poverty level and so they're having to make choices every day on you know, what's the priority and priority usually comes to making sure that there's somewhere safe to live and making sure that they have food," said Rebecca Michelsen at Penfield Children's Center.

This is the second year for the donation.

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