Childhood Cancer survivor celebrates first birthday with a MACC Fund benefit

As Patrick Manner holds his soon-to-be one year old daughter in his arms, he counts his blessings. 

"We're very, very blessed, very lucky," said Manner.

Baby Ella's first birthday is on New Year's Eve, she was born with a cancerous tumor and went through four rounds of chemotherapy before she was six months old.

"We had a short journey, we had a short fight, and we won," said Manner.

Ella, or Pinky, as many have grown to know her has been cancer free since April, but her family has not been alone in their fight.

"Pinky is always so happy when she's here, and just-- if you didn't know, you would never know," said Sarah Baker, General Manager at Pizza Man in Milwaukee.

Pizza man was the first restaurant The Manners went to as a family after Ella's diagnosis, a kind server took care of them and they've been regulars ever since.

"They truly are incredible people, and we're really humbled by the experience," said Baker.

The restaurant will also host Pinky's first birthday-- a benefit for the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) Fund.

Keith Pulvemacher, a local musician will be part of the evening's entertainment.  He's been there with The Manners for much of their journey.

"They've turned it into something good, and helping other people, and that's really a beautiful thing," said Pulvemacher.

Together, they hope to raise money for other families still fighting childhood cancer.

"We've met so many dear friends now, and families with children who's fights last  years," said Manner, "and we went this whole year, almost this whole year, and the families we've met, everybody is still fighting."

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