Charges filed against student who pointed gun at officers inside Waukesha South HS

NOW: Charges filed against student who pointed gun at officers inside Waukesha South HS


WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A student accused of bringing two guns to Waukesha South High School was in court Monday, Dec. 9. Tyrone Smith, who was 17 at the time, was shot after police said he ignored officers' commands. The incident put the school and nearby elementary school under lockdown. 

Smith faces the following charges:

  • Terrorist threats
  • Possess dangerous weapon-school
  • Second degree reckless endangerment
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Resist/obstruct

Smith kept his head down in court Monday; his right arm -- where he was shot by police -- was heavily bandaged as a judge explained to him the seriousness of the allegations. 

"If these allegations are true, your actions caused terror to the students of Waukesha South, to the teachers of Waukesha South, to the parents who have students at Waukesha South and it’s a really serious offense, Mr. Smith," Waukesha County Court Commissioner Sara P. Scullen said. 

Police said Smith, who turned 18 days after the incident, pointed the gun at a student’s head. The teacher in the classroom grabbed Smith and pulled him away saying you don’t need to do this. That allowed all the students in the room to get out safely. 

When police arrived, Smith refused to drop the gun and was shot three times by an officer.

"I have genuine concerns. I just read a criminal complaint that indicates that the day before this incident that the allegations are that Mr. Smith sent a photo to another individual with guns laid out on his bed," Scullen said. 

The student Smith allegedly threatened told police the two are friends, and Smith texted him the picture of those guns and that Smith brought guns to school several times. Smith denies ever bringing guns to school before and said he only brought them that day because he was tired of other kids picking on him and wanted to scare them.

Smith's attorney says he has mental health issues.

"I know technically he became an adult last week, but this reads like a child. Probably even younger than his age. You read between the lines here there’s a lot about his personal trauma," said Smith's attorney. 

The judge ordered higher bond that the prosecutor requested: $15,000 signature bond, to be co-signed by his mom, GPS monitoring, and Smith must stay inside his home

Smith will be back in court Dec. 17. 

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