Charges Filed against Sherman Park Gas Station Employee that Fired Gun into Air

Charges have been filed after demonstrators protested a former gas station employee firing a gun near children in Sherman Park.

Bhupinder Sidhu was charged with one count of use of a dangerous weapon disorderly conduct.

If convicted he faces a maximum prison sentence of 6 months.

Sidhu told police that a large group of juveniles came to his store around 10:00 PM.  The employee attempted to close the entrance but couldn’t because someone was holding open the door.

According to the criminal complaint, he became fearful for his safety and his employee’s safety. He loaded his Smith and Wesson handgun and exited the store from the employee entrance.

He then pointed the handgun in the air and fired two rounds in order to try to get people to leave the store.

According to security video, he was approximately two car lengths away from the front door of the store while holding the gun.

In the video the defendant raises the gun in the air.

The owner told CBS 58 on Wednesday that his son was working when kids began banging on the windows. The store doesn't let more than two teens inside at a time. 

Demonstrators told CBS 58 on Wednesday that the gas station has a history of using profanity and being disrespectful towards customers and this latest incident is the final straw. 

"For him to be able to shoot at these children, in a reckless manner. He could've hit anybody," says protestor Vaun Mayesbey. 

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