Charges Filed Against Lake Geneva Mom who Took Her Children to Georgia

Michalene Melges has been charged after taking her children to Georgia, according to court records. 

Melges has been charged with three counts of interfere with child custody, three counts of truancy, and disorderly conduct. 

Interfering with child custody is a felony charge. 

Michalene and her children, Hans Melges-14 years of age, Kristian “Max” Melges-12 years of age and Maverik “Buddy” Melges-10 years of age, were reported missing after they were last observed leaving their residence in the 900 block of South Lakeshore Drive on Tuesday, May 10th. 

Michalene rented a van in Lake Bluff, Illinois on May 9th and the van was returned to a rental company in Plano, Texas on May 13th.

The family was found safe in Savannah, Georgia on Tuesday. 

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