CBS 58 Hometowns: Menomonee River Valley

CBS 58 Hometowns: Menomonee River Valley

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- From the Harley-Davidson Museum to the Potawatomi Casino, to riverside views and small businesses that make a tremendous impact on Milwaukee to being the gateway to Milwaukee's rail hub: the Menomonee River Valley is one of the most unique and frequently visited neighborhoods in the area.

It is also the subject of the latest edition of CBS 58's 58 Hometowns tour, with Jessob Reisbeck offering a preview of a handful of some of the Valley's must-see locations, places that contribute to it being a unique path in the tapestry of Milwaukee.

Before getting started, we spoke to Claire Koenig, senior director of communications and public affairs with VISIT Milwaukee, for a preview of not only what to expect in 58 Hometowns, but to learn more about the Menomonee River Valley on a bigger scale.


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