Cavalier Johnson elected 45th mayor of Milwaukee

NOW: Cavalier Johnson elected 45th mayor of Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Cavalier Johnson has been elected the 45th mayor of the city of Milwaukee. With 100% of precincts reporting, Johnson topped former alderman Bob Donovan 72%-28%.

In a thematic, celebratory speech, Johnson told the gathered crowd his calling is service because he's a son of this city.

Johnson will serve out the rest of former Mayor Tom Barrett's term. He pledged in two years when this term ends, Milwaukee will be stronger than it is right now.

In the 12-minute speech, the 35-year-old Johnson paid tribute to those that came before him and blazed the trail so that he could run.

The first Black elected mayor in Milwaukee history hopes Black and brown children will know there's a place for them in this city.

He shared his personal story, about growing up under the shadow of gun violence and experiencing unsafe neighborhoods and food insecurity.

Johnson said election night is for celebration, but then it's time to work. "Tonight we're celebrating and tomorrow we continue the hard work of governing. the hard work of transforming our city into a place where all of our residents can thrive. Where businesses the world over want to move to. and where every family can gather without fear of violence and crime marring our joy."

Johnson acknowledged the changes may not come as quickly as they want or as quickly as some people need, but he said he's eager to begin the work.

Johnson voted Tuesday morning at his polling place and told CBS 58 he felt good about his campaign.

“I announced I was going to run for mayor last August and here we are on Election Day,” Johnson said. “I feel good, like we ran a strong campaign…so I feel really good about it.”

Johnson said he spent the day at his campaign office writing thank you notes to campaign workers, spent some time at City Hall and rehearsed for Tuesday night.

Johnson spoke from his campaign party Tuesday night. Watch it below: 

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