Caught on Camera: Thieves Break into Home, Steal Cars in Riverwest

Caught on Camera: Thieves Break into Home, Steal Cars in Riverwest

A Milwaukee couple says thieves broke into their home Friday night and robbed them, and they now think they know who did it.

Valuables, priceless keepsakes, and their two cars were stolen. To get to all that, the thiefs had to walk back and forth just feet from where this man was sleeping.

"I feel to blame because we didn't wake up, but I feel truly blessed that I'm not dealing with anybody hurt," said Kosta Agoudemos.

He's been able to piece together what happened from his security camera, and surveillance footage from his neighbors.

He even believes his cat tried to save him and his wife who were home during the whole ordeal.

"We have an animal that we know did something to try to stop them or scare them," said Agoudemos.

It's all caught on camera. As soon as one robber got in, the cat lets out a terrifying scream.

Less than 48 hours later, the couple is still in shock.

"There's a lot of mixed emotions. It's like emotional rollercoaster ride after you've been a victim," said Agoudemos.

During the middle of the CBS 58 interview, Kosta's wife interjected.

"Somebody just sent us on facebook pictures of him in your vehicle... he was on facebook live in my husband's Chevy vehicle," she said.

The couple was sent screenshots of a video -- showing a young man inside what they believe is their stolen Chevy. They believe the account belongs to the person wearing a backpack in the security footage. The screenshots also show a person in the passenger seat wearing red pants. The second suspect in the video is seen wearing red pants.

While the video is a new lead, the two left plenty hard of evidence behind. Police took fingerprints from the window and screen door.

"I believe one of them entered the house while the other one was peeking in," said Agoudemos.

Agoudemos also says the mother and sister of the suspect in the red pants reached out to them, identifying the young man.

Police at District 5 are working with the couple, but they haven't gotten back to CBS58 directly to confirm the suspects have been identified.

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