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Car theft victim arrested after posting conversation with teen who stole cars on Facebook live

NOW: Car theft victim arrested after posting conversation with teen who stole cars on Facebook live


He found the teen who admitted to stealing his cars and posted their heated conversation on Facebook live. Now, that Milwaukee man is under arrest.

The Police Department will only call it a probation violation at the moment. The dealership owner and his family say they know these charges are related to the video and think Milwaukee Police are worried about the wrong guy.

Hundreds of thousands have seen the video.

Billy Cannon on Facebook live grilling a teen who admitted to stealing his car, showed him where they were, and snitched on the friends who helped. 

Just days later, Cannon turned himself into police headquarters on an arrest warrant.

"I'm just frustrated, I am tired. I work so hard."

"It's frustrating considering that the boy reached out to him. He said I know where your cars are and let's meet up."

When they did, you can hear both Cannon and the young man suggest they had physical contact. But, Cannon said "I'm innocent. I had a conversation with him and told him I loved him and that I didn't want to see him out here like this."

Milwaukee Police haven't arrested the boy.

Two 15-year-olds and a 14-year-old are in custody suspected of breaking into the dealership and driving a corvette, BMW, and Ford off the lot.

"I've built a dealership, I've built real estate, multiple companies, doing the right thing and now this because someone stole my stuff."

Cannon says he built that business in just a year after spending three years in prison on drug charges and his family says that's made him a target.

"If this was someone who was white or someone whose name wasn't Billy Cannon would we really be having this conversation right now? And the reality of it is no we wouldn't."

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