Teen admits to stealing man's cars on Facebook live, snitches on accomplices

NOW: Teen admits to stealing man’s cars on Facebook live, snitches on accomplices


"Looking back on it I could have handled things a little bit differently absolutely but I'm happy with the results."

Milwaukee teens steal cars from a dealership, but the owner doesn't rely on police to get them back, instead -- he turns to Facebook.

The dealership owner says by doing things his way - he got all of his stolen cars back. Billy Cannon says he also helped police find and arrest three of the teens they believe are involved. However the fourth one, he met in person and recorded their intense conversation on Facebook Live.

"I got a call from the dealership saying they broke in and stole three of your cars they got the Corvette, The Benz, and another a Ford Fusion," says Billy Cannon.

After asking for help on Facebook, Billy Cannon says he had hundreds in Milwaukee looking out for his cars, and they were found within the hour.

"He actually reached out and said I've got your car I don't want problems I know where your Corvette is at just come get me, and I will show you and you drop me back off," says Cannon.

Not only did Cannon give the teen a stern talking too, but he made it live for all of Facebook to see.

"Me putting him on live I wanted him to be forced to change his surroundings that's why I did that. Me exposing him like that it's going to force him to pick new friends because his old friends aren't going to mess with him no more," says Cannon.

On the video, you can hear the teenager telling Cannon how they waited until Cannon left that night and used a brick to break the window to get into the building.

"I said why did you do it man, he just sitting there like man, I needed some money man. He said I don't know why but I don't want to do this no more," says Cannon.

After a while, Cannon an ex-con turned self-made businessman says he thinks he got through, even though the young man made posts later, talking about what happened.

"I feel now that God has put me in a situation to where I have to do something in this community so I think I am going to take more action, get more involved," says Cannon.

Billy Cannon says after this - he's tightened security at the building. Meanwhile, MPD arrested two 15-year-olds and a 14-year-old.

Milwaukee Police are still looking for the fourth suspect. Cannon says he offered the young man a job and hopes he will take it. Contact CBS 58's Amanda Porterfield by emailing [email protected] or on Twitter @cbs58amanda.

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