Car Plows into Transformer Leaving Thousands without Power

Caution tape surrounds a burned out transformer at the intersection of County Road V and Arrowhead Road in Grafton.

A car plowed into the transformer Monday evening. The driver somehow lost control sending her small car into the electrical unit. Neighbors say the driver got out just in time, but the damage left a couple thousand without power.

John Walters was heading home from grocery store when he saw the fire, “we saw nothing but smoke on the way home, and coming up the road here I’m going oh God, whose house is on fire? And my wife is in front of me, she got through the intersection and I got about right where we’re standing and the car started to pop and the Sheriff’s office told me to back up and so that’s what I did and went out the back way.”

As of Monday evening power has been restored to most homes and business however some customers are still waiting.

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