Candidates hope for breakout performance in Iowa caucuses

NOW: Candidates hope for breakout performance in Iowa caucuses

DES MOINES, Iowa (CBS 58) -- The road to the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC) begins in Iowa Monday night, Feb. 3. People in Des Moines, Iowa kick off the presidential primary season that will determine the Democratic nominee. 

Recent polling shows that the contest is still up in the air, and who comes out on top will be decided in caucus sites around the state, including at Drake University where hundreds will pick their preferred candidate. 

While only one candidate will be declared the winner, several can come away with delegates, but perhaps more importantly is building momentum into New Hampshire. 

Candidates made last-minute pitches to voters before caucuses began, including billionaire businessman Tom Steyer who -- like other lower-tier candidates -- is hoping for a good show. 

Steyer spoke with CBS 58 and said he's confident he has the platform necessary to be the party's nominee once the DNC reaches Milwaukee. 

"If somebody is going to beat Mr. Trump in the fall – this includes specifically Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, these states everybody’s focusing one – it’s really important to have a diverse coalition of Americans showing up at the polls. Here are states where they’re diverse states, and you’ve got to be able to appeal across the board//I’m someone who can do that," Steyer said. 

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