Can You Afford to Heat Your Home? Don't Be Left out in The Cold

It's estimated at least 60 thousand people in Milwaukee County alone could end up needing help heating their homes this winter.

And beginning Saturday and running through April 15th, utility companies cannot shut off the vitals, such as heat and electricity, if bills can't be paid. However, the one catch is utilities have to be connected at the start of this period.

There are many agencies and organizations on hand offering financial assistance or even payment plans, including We Energies. People shouldn't be afraid or ashamed to be able to stay warm and healthy during the winter's chill.

Those who quality for the assistance should get around $300 this winter season.

Some good news for many of us. A We Energies spokesperson did say if temperatures stay mild this winter and natural gas costs remain low, we could be looking at a $200 savings on heating bills compared to last year.

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