Caledonia Homes Burglarized While Residents Sleep

Caledonia Police are investigating a series of burglaries and occupied nighttime home invasions occurring on the east side of the village. The area is bordered roughly by Charles Street to the west, the Village of Wind Point to the east, 5 ½-Mile Road to the north and 4-Mile Road to the south. 

Daytime burglaries have targeted homes secluded by trees and shrubbery. Suspects have forced entry into the residence and stolen firearms.  Two occupied nighttime home invasions have occurred where the residents have awoken to find a suspect in the residence or heard noises and discovered drawers and other storage areas of the home disturbed.

The burglaries took place in August and September of 2015.

Caledonia Police are working several possible leads and reviewing evidence recovered at the crime scenes.

Caledonia Police are giving the area heavy extra attention and are seeking anyone with information to call the detective bureau at 262-835-4423.

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