Bus Company Investigating after Child Left on Bus, Sleeping

A 5-year-old boy is back safe with his family after he fell asleep on a bus this morning and the driver didn't notice, a spokesperson for Go Riteway Bus Company said.

Paul Kolo, Vice President of Operations for the bus company, said it happened as a result of the bus driver not walking and checking the back of the bus before taking the next trip.

HOPE Christian School sent out a statement that read, in part: "After the student was not present when attendance was taken, we called the family. When the family called us back indicating the student had been put on the bus, we called the bus company."

The driver was contacted and the driver found the child asleep on a seat. The child was never left unattended, Kolo said.

The protocol for drivers it to walk to the back of the bus, hang a sleeping student card, and press a button in the rear of the vehicle proving that the check was completed, Kolo said.

Because the system was not followed, training will be re-emphasize for all drivers, Kolo said.

"We do this constantly. It's an everyday thing...our drivers know the procedures but they're human. Clearly this is one of those procedures that is very important," Kolo said.

Go Riteway Bus Company is still in its discovery stage to try to figure out if the driver will be fired for what happened.


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