Bucks Announce Dates for Fear the Deer Alternate Court Games

The Milwaukee Bucks announced the return of “Fear the Deer” nights for the 2016-17 season, featuring the team’s groundbreaking alternate court that was the first of its kind in the NBA. The Bucks will be back on this unique floor while wearing the team’s black alternate uniforms for the games on November 25 vs. Toronto, December 20 vs. Cleveland, January 6 vs. New York and March 24 vs. Atlanta.

The Fear the Dear platform strips away the periphery of the Bucks brand, leaving the focus squarely on the team and setting a simple, aggressive tone. The team’s alternate uniforms are stripped of their base color and traditional front wordmark, leaving just the imposing Bucks logo on a black backdrop, while court features a similarly stripped down logo and color palette to keep the focus squarely on the team

Milwaukee’s “Fear the Deer” uniforms and court will be on display at four games this season, creating a fan experience unique to Milwaukee. Each game will also feature a limited-edition piece of “Fear the Deer”-themed merchandise that complements the style of the court and alternate team uniforms.

Fans can take advantage of a great “Fear the Deer” ticket package, which begins at just $29 and includes a ticket to one of the four games along with that night’s retail item. For the greatest savings, fans can purchase all four games (along with all four “Fear the Deer” merchandise items) for as little as $115, which is 55 percent off the retail price.

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