Bucks and MATC work on parking plan for months in anticipation of big crowds

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The same night as Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Championships, MATC is holding their spring graduation about a block away.

Fiserv Forum holds 17,500 and 10,000 are expected in the Deer District. Around 1,000 will be graduating inside Panther Arena and bringing their families with them for the ceremony.

The two events happen within an hour-and-a-half of each other.

The Bucks and MATC say they've been discussing how to handle parking for months.

"We are very excited the Bucks are doing well, and when the playoff schedule came out we took a look and said we've got to plan ahead and figure this out," said Tony Tagliavia, Director of Marketing and Communications, MATC.

MATC has two parking garages booked for their graduates, and the Bucks will have their Highland and 5th Street ramps open.

Both MATC and the Bucks recommend planning ahead to get a spot. Otherwise, rideshare can drop fans off in front of Fiserv Forum. MCTS is also recommended.

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