Bucks add dedicated ADA platform to Deer District after man in wheelchair had trouble seeing playoff game

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- When the Milwaukee Bucks learned a fan who uses a wheelchair had trouble seeing the game on the big screens during the playoffs, they took quick action to fix it. 

According to a news release, recently, a man who uses a wheelchair went to the Deer District to watch the Bucks game in the playoffs, he couldn't see the screens due to the standing and cheering crowd which was in the way. 

The release says Brian Peters, the advocacy leader at Independence First, went straight to the Milwaukee Bucks to let them know of the problem. 

It didn't take long for the Bucks to respond. 

“Literally within five days of my email they now have an ADA platform set up for watch parties with a dedicated staff person to ensure it’s used for people with mobility disabilities," said Peters.

Independence First said in their release, "now EVERYONE has the opportunity to cheer on the fabulous Bucks!" 

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