Brookfield School Bus Driver Arrested for Driving Under the Influence with Students and Carrying a Handgun

On Friday, December 23 at 8:54 AM Brookfield Police were called to Swanson Elementary School after staff observed a bus driver driving a school bus erratically and was late to drop students off at school. Officers responded and located the bus shortly after it dropped students off.

Officers determined the bus driver was impaired and was also carrying a concealed handgun.

The bus driver has been taken into custody and charges of operating under the influence with occupants under 16-years-old, operating without a proper commercial license, carrying a concealed firearm, endangering safety while carrying a weapon while under the influence, negligent operation of a vehicle and possession of a firearm in a gun free school zone.

The bus driver identified as 43-year-old Penny Wolf has been taken to the Waukesha County Jail.

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