Brewers RF Santana brings out his trombone

NOW: Brewers RF Santana brings out his trombone

Playing the trombone in elementary school had enough of an impact on Brewers' right fielder Domingo Santana that he still lists it on his official team bio.

He hadn't played since junior high but with the team rolling toward the all-star break leading the NL Central, Santana felt loose and confident enough to pick up a trombone and give it try for CBS 58.

"You just loosen your lips up and you just blow." said Santana who said he picked trombone because a teacher told him it was the easiest.

"We had to go to music class." Santana said. "I tried them all and wasn't very good and then I found out that this was the easiest instrument."

Santana doesn't remember how to play any songs or how to read music but he still remembers his scales. He played a few for CBS 58 morning anchor Mike Curkov, a photojournalist and a couple Brewers PR people. That was almost too big of an audience.

"I'm still going to be nervous." he said.

As a kid in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Santana wanted to play a different instrument.

"I always wanted to play the drums like everybody else but I wasn't good at it." said Santana.

He found his skills in a different kind of percussion, hitting a ball instead of a drum.

Heading into the final weekend before the all-star break, Santana is tied for third on the team with 14 home runs. He's second on the team with 47 RBI. But most importantly, the Brewers lead Chicago by 4.5 games for first place in the NL Central.

“It’s been really good. We’re on a pretty good team. We just keep fighting and keep believing and we’re just trying to go out there and have fun.” Santana said.

The Brewers play three games in New York against the Yankees before the all-star game then open the second half at home July 14-16 when the Brewers celebrate the 35th anniversary of the 1982 American League championship team.

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