Brewers pitcher Devin Williams fractures hand after celebration of NL Central title

NOW: Brewers pitcher Devin Williams fractures hand after celebration of NL Central title

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Devin Williams announced Wednesday, Sept. 29, he fractured his right hand punching a wall the night of the Brewers' NL Central Division clinch. 

Williams will most likely need surgery and most likely miss the remainder of the season. 

He says the injury happened after he had a few drinks and was frustrated and upset. 

The 2020 National League rookie and reliever of the year went on the 10-day injured list Wednesday night, but he's out much longer than the 10-day minimum. 

Williams might need surgery, but the Brewers say there's a chance he could come back if they reach the World Series.

Williams didn't realize how bad the injury was initially, but after throwing Tuesday he knew he was hurt. The team ordered X-rays and confirmed the bad news.

"No one to blame but me," Williams said. "I feel like I let my team down, our coaching staff, our fans, everyone. I know how big of a role I play on this team and there's a lot of people counting on me. I guess all I can do now is cheer my team on, learn from it and don't make that same mistake in the future."

Williams is one of the best relievers in the business, with the fourth best ERA in Major League Baseball over the last two years. 

It's quite a blow to Milwaukee's post season chances. 

"I think there's a kind of a natural, like, cannot believe it. Really?" said Brewers fan Tim Dyer.

He said the situation prompted a conversation about responsible drinking with his son.

"We were having a little bit of discussion with my oldest son about what was responsible alcohol consumption and also what happens when you don't necessarily take celebratory moments seriously," said Dyer, "The irony I guess of what happens whenever you over celebrate."

Other fans, like Gerardo Orozco, said he did handle it in a good way, however.

"At first a little upset, but actually very proud that he was honest about what happened, looked like he had a good old time, you know, clinching it and going into the playoffs. So you had a good old time but you know, still upset that we're not gonna have him playing with us," said Orozco.

Both Dyer and Orozco said they still have hope for the post season.

"I think most people do. But again, this is so fresh, it's so new that I'm just like everybody else, kind of processing having just heard," said Dyer.

"I think we have a great team and our boys are gonna pull it off and we're gonna take it all the way home, we're gonna get the World Series, you're gonna bring it all the way home. Let's go Brewers!" said Orozco.

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