Brewers Klement's sausage racer costumes up for sale

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- If you've ever wanted a massive sausage costume in your living room, now's your chance.

Brewers superfans have a chance right now to take home some serious Brewers history for the right price, as Troy Kinunen, MEARS Online Auctions CEO and President, says the three original 1993 sausage costumes to race for the Brewers can now be yours.

But would fans be willing to put up the cash to bring them home?

CBS 58 News asked some.

"Personally, I think they're worth a decent amount of money. I feel like I would pay a couple $100 for at least a couple of them," said Brewers fan Owen Denk.

"If I was 50 and had a lot of money, maybe like three grand," say Brewers fan Kayla.

Yet another fan, Brandon Payton-Carrillo, came in closest.

"I'll go 20k," said Payton-Carrillo.

Kinunen says they're asking $25,000 for all three together, or best offer.

"Well, they weigh 50 pounds per piece," explained Kinunen "So, if you weigh that out, that's $166 per pound, which I think is a really good deal."

He says they found themselves in his collection after the demolition of County Stadium.

"During the demolition of the stadium, these were discarded and one of the guys that work in the dumpsters knew I was a collector. He contacted me and that's how I ended up with them," said Kinunen.

While they've been through a lot of races, and they're no longer in racing condition, fans still say they would be interested in having them.

"In some ways, I thought it would be higher, but it's a bargain to me," said Payton-Carrillo.

Although, what to do with them remains to be seen.

"Let's be real, they would probably be in the attic too," admitted Payton-Carrillo.

Most agreed, however, that they should be on display for the public in some way.

"The fans should get to enjoy them too," said Kayla.

Which is what Kiunen says he hopes happens as well.

"I think these belong in a place where you can exhibit them, where hundreds or thousands of people can see them, and that's what I'd like to see eventually happen," said Kinunen.

CBS 58 News reached out to the Brewers for their take on all of this, but they didn't get back to us by news time.

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