Brewers fans bring back the tradition of Arctic Tailgate

NOW: Brewers fans bring back the tradition of Arctic Tailgate

Despite the cold, despite the current MLB lock out, Brewers fans camped out overnight at American Family Field for the return of the popular Arctic Tailgate.

There weren't as many people lined up here at the box office this morning to nab tickets maybe for a variety of reasons, but all who did show up, and braved the low temperatures overnight, said it was all worth it to bring back the tradition of the Artic Tailgate.

"Actually wasn't that bad cause we had a little buddy heater and we had it cranking, we actually had to turn it down to low because we had such a small tent" said long-time Artic Tailgate veteran Jared Minkly.

"It was pretty interesting, wasn't really sure what to expect, and got a couple buddies of mine and we were like oh lets check it out, see what it's about and see if we want to continue on this tradition," said first-timer Jon Koby.

Those who camped out were first in line, despite fears of the MLB lockout threatening opening day and regular season games.

"We didn't spend the night though because of the shut down and we didn't think there would be that many people to begin with," said Jamie Macisak.

For those first in line, Denis Milos and Curtis Wollin, it was all worth it for the comradery.

"People have been going here for 10, 15 years," said Milos, "you get to know them, just kind of talk all night pretty much."

Wollin said it's that passion that has him getting his tickets like this year after year.

"I think everybody here has a true passion for the brewers, but especially us first in line," said Wollin.

Wollin said he's hoping everything is sorted out by Monday.

"Hopefully Rob Manfred ends the lockout here for us so we can get some baseball going," said Wollin.

If they don't make a decision by Monday opening day could be delayed, and some regular season games could be cancelled as well.

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