Boy and his dog, Sinatra, graduate high school together

(CBS NEWS) A boy and his dog graduated high school in Arkansas together, CBS Little Rock affiliate KTHV-TV reports.

Tyler McCready said he couldn't have graduated without his best friend, Sinatra. Both wore graduation gowns on the big day. 

Sinatra is McCready's diabetic alert dog, trained to let McCready know when his blood sugar is low or high. 

The two went to every class together, so Tyler made sure Sinatra's outfit looked good on graduation day. 

"His first one came in and it was little small, so we had to get it redone, but they got it done pretty fast," McCready said.

"That dog needs a Ph.D.," his dad, Jerry McCready, added. "He will call him and alert him to let him know his sugar is dropping. Usually, the dog is quicker than his diabetic equipment." 

McCready wants to attend college at Full Sail University in Florida this fall, and Sinatra is going with him.

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