BLACC provides Bucks employees with cookies to celebrate Juneteenth Day

NOW: BLACC provides Bucks employees with cookies to celebrate Juneteenth Day


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- The Bucks Organization is observing Juneteenth early to celebrate and raise awareness of the holiday.

The Bucks employee resource group, Black Leaders and Advocates Creating Change (BLACC) partnered with two black-owned bakeries to provide Bucks employees with cookies on Sunday, June 13.

The cookies featured multiple designs to celebrate the Juneteenth holiday.

Organizers said they hope the cookies spark an interest in the event and efforts for people unfamiliar with the holiday to learn about it.

"We asked the people who are making the cookies for us to kind of put their own spin on it, do their own interpretation of what Juneteenth means to them," Kyle Emina, Partner Strategy & Management for the Bucks, said. "So you're going to see a variation of colors, you're going to see different symbols, and different phrases that really represent what African Americans have been going through."

"If you're familiar with the Bucks you know what this organization is about, it's not about talking, it's about doing," said Zora Stephenson, the Bucks sideline reporter. "So we're so excited to jus have these groups and leadership that really is here for us and listens and wants to act on things."

This year, Juneteenth falls on Saturday, June 19.

The event organizers said they wanted to celebrate the holiday early because they were not sure if the Bucks would have a home game on the 19th.

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