Bill would designate 9/11 Memorial Highway near Kewaskum

KEWASKUM, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Lawmakers are introducing a bill to establish a new way to honor and remember those affected by the attacks on September 11th. 

The bill would establish the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial Highway.

A portion of State Highway 28 would be named the Memorial Highway.

it's significant because drivers on the highway would pass the Wisconsin 9/11 memorial in Kewaskum.

Andrea Lyn Haberman of Kewaskum was on the 92nd floor of the north tower when it collapsed. Her family hopes the bill will help highlight the memorial in Kewaskum.

"The primary in our goals is that the memorial will for generations to come, stand as a historical touchstone, linking the past events of 9/11 to the present," said Haberman's sister, Julie Osmus. 

The authors of the bill say they hope to quickly move the bill through the legislative process in time for when the legislature is back in session in October.

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