Big dream realized at "Big Gig" for Autistic Artist from Oak Creek

NOW: Big dream realized at “Big Gig“ for Autistic Artist from Oak Creek

When Eric Look, 29, stepped onto the stage at the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse July 5th, it was the culmination of several years and practically a lifetime of dreaming.

He was playing Summerfest and for its 50th Anniversary!

Mayor Tom Barrett who has supported Eric over the years had the honors of introducing him.

"Eric Look is the first recording artist with classic type Autism to perform at  Summerfest in its 50 year history!"

Eric has been banging away at the keyboard since around the age of three or four.

It was about the same time he was diagnosed with Kanner type Autism.

He has extreme sound sensitivity and yet had a knack for picking up keys and melodies and harmonies, often on the first try, by ear.

He started out writing Christmas songs that got local radio airtime and has headlined local fundraisers for Autism.

He often sings the National Anthem at local sporting events with an artist who outside the Autism spectrum in order to create greater understanding.

The families who turned out on family day at Summerfest sang along and cheered him on.

His band is a collection of friends, family and guest artists who believe his music is a bridge to inclusion.

"It's very emotional to see him on stage with the problems he's had with Autism over the years," said Uncle Joe Banas. "CBS 58 has been one of his biggest supporters and part of the reason we're out here today."

Summerfest has an ADA task forced assigned with make sure every aspect of the festival is accessible to everyone.

An historic moment at an historic Summerfest.

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