Behind the scenes of 'The Red Line'

NOW: Behind the scenes of ’The Red Line’

CHICAGO (CBS 58) -- The CBS limited series Red Line continues on Sunday night on CBS 58 with four episodes remaining.

The show is filmed and based in Chicago. CBS 58's Jacquelyn Abad was there when they filmed their final episode and got a sneak peak behind the scenes.

If you're familiar with Chicago, you know the Red Line.

"It goes through every neighborhood and I think that says something as well. You get every kind of person on this train," said Emayatzy Corinealdi who plays Tia Young.

It's CBS's new show. It tells the stories of three families -- the Calder's, Young's, and Evans. Their families' stories of tragedy all intersect in the wake of the mistaken shooting of an African American doctor by a white cop.

Some stars you'll see include Noah Wyle who plays a lead role as Daniel Calder.

"A widower, a father of a 17 year old African American daughter who is just trying to put one foot in front of the other and move on from a tragic incident in his life who is his spouse," said Wyle.

In the show, his husband was killed by Chicago Police Officer Paul Evans who is played by Noel Fisher.

"He responds to a robbery in progress call when he is on patrol and ends up shooting a man he thinks is robbing a store who turns out not to be robbing the store and turns out to the wrong person. The show follows the ripples of that and some different families, the families that are most affected by that," said Noel Fisher who plays Paul Evans.

The show unveils some serious topics like racism and discrimination.

"The show is an attempt to show as many different points of view on the subject as possible without putting moral judgements on any of them and trying to find a commonality of truth that we can all relate to," said Wyle. 

At the end of last year, CBS 58 News got a behind the scenes look. The sets are made to look like real homes.

'We do like 3 to 5 takes at the most and then we switch angels and do it again. I might shoot 2, 3 scenes back to back," said Elizabeth Laidlaw who plays Vic Renna.

Erica Weiss is the co-creator of the show and says the long days are all worthwhile.

"The first thing we said was we need to write it about Chicago, so we can film in Chicago, showcase our city and show the brilliantly talented people who are here," said Erica Weiss, Co-Creator and Executive Producer.

Longtime actor Michael Patrick Thorton plays Jim Evans, Paul Evans' brother. Not only is he from Chicago, he can relate with his character.

"I come from a police officer family in Chicago and they want to leave their house in the morning and come home to their family at night," said Thorton.

The Red Line may physically divide the city but the show itself demonstrates what we all have in common.

"People investigate who they are and what that means in terms of how they think about others," said Kevin Hooks, executive director, and producer. 

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