Beer Garden is Coming to Kenosha County

A beer garden is coming to Kenosha County.

Petrifying Springs Biergarten will be open to the public daily from Memorial Day through about October, from Noon to approximately 9 p.m. 

Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser announced today an agreement with a local vendor to develop a beer garden at Petrifying Springs Park.

The five-year lease agreement between Kenosha County and Petrifying Springs Biergarten LLC will allow the vendor to construct a German-style beer garden, and sell German-style food, premium beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages, and provide a variety of activities at and around Shelter #1, located at the southern entrance to Petrifying Springs Park, 5555 Seventh St., Kenosha.  

The vendor, Petrifying Springs Biergarten LLC, will devote more than $130,000 in improvements to convert the picnic shelter into a beer garden over the next several months in anticipation to open by Memorial Day weekend. The addition of the beer garden will also lead to creating a revenue source that will go toward park improvements.  

“This is an exciting opportunity to bring the old world German biergarten tradition to a Kenosha County park, like those introduced in Milwaukee first in the mid-19th Century and reintroduced in parks in other counties again today,” Kreuser said. “It will provide another reason for Petrifying Springs to be a destination park in the region.”     

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