"Beer Drive-Thru" helps locals support breweries closed due to Evers' Coronavirus order

NOW: “Beer Drive-Thru“ helps locals support breweries closed due to Evers’ Coronavirus order

ST. FRANCIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee-area breweries may be shut down, but COVID-19 isn’t stopping beer lovers from getting their favorites.

“And I think, for Wisconsin that’s what people are known for is drinking beer," beer-lover Samantha Schultz said.

Customers sat in hours-long lines of vehicles in St. Francis just to drive up and get ale from seven different companies.

“Gathering place, Fermentorium, Tank Eight, Mob Craft, New Barons Brewing Cooperative, Explorium and Broke Back," said Nathaniel Fakler, owner of Faklandia Brewing.

This even is the brain child of Fakler and John Degroote, CEO of News Barons Brewing Cooperative.

Fakler's brewery isn't open yet, so he provided the parking lot.

"We saw a lot of our friends put into a tight spot, financially. And you know, curbside pickup became a thing," Degroote said.

People supported the creativity of this event, but the seriousness of it was also on people’s minds.

“It’s really interesting to see how everyone is making such quick adaptations to that but obviously we’re here to support everyone, as well, that needs it," customer John Mattrisch said.

This one-stop-shop gave people a chance to “do their part” and take home a piece of Milwaukee.

“You just find common ground instead of looking at what’s different, we’ve been looking at what’s more in common with people," Fakler added.

With Saturday's success, the organizers plan to host another drive-thru with more beer and more breweries.

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