BBB: Ways to keep your information safe this holiday shopping season

BBB: Ways to keep your information safe this holiday shopping season

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The holiday shopping season is now underway.

“Shoppers going to plan to spend $998 this holiday season which is a significant amount of money,” Wisconsin Better Business Bureau Southwest Regional Director Tiffany Schultz said.

Before shoppers go to the stories or click purchase on their phones, the BBB wants to make sure people are being safe and smart because scammers will try to take advantage, especially this time of the year.

According to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales are expected to increase by three to five percent compared to 2019. The NRF says around 60 percent of people will shop online.

Schultz said there are several things to look out for.

“When you’re shopping online, you really want to make sure you’re on the correct website because scammers do mimic real websites, they create lookalike websites,” she explained. “Fake websites go up as fast as they come down so those scammers are looking for your personal information for unsuspecting consumers.”

If you plan to shop in person, Schultz said you have time because many stores are continuing sales for the entire month due to the pandemic.

“The retailers are trying to stagger people in their stores, so they don’t want those big crowds in the morning," she said. "They’re offering opportunities where people can still social distance from each other without being in a big crowded setting."

The BBB also encourages consumers to always read reviews if they’re buying from a new company and to never purchase anything on public wireless internet because scammers can hack in and get credit card information.

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